Girls Alsace Cup

The best youth girls football international tournament.

Girls Alsace cup is a tournament for teams that previously has made outstanding performance in other tournaments or who are ranked high in their own district league. We also do invite teams and clubs after a geographical selection. Our main ambition is to give all the participating teams tough and good matches from the first group stage match on their way to the final. Through the year the participants have been coming from countries such as: Usa, Sweden, Spain,  Denmark, England, Switzerland, Germany , Morocco, Finland and France. We are proud to offer to players, leaders, coaches, parents, an extraordinary tournament!

Girls Alsace cup   The Greatest Youth football Experience

the teams that came to the tournament

The Girls Alsace Cup has acquired an international stature, this tournament is now prized by the biggest professional clubs.
Requests are coming now from all the world.
The Girls Alsace Cup is the elite of mundial women’s football with prestigious clubs

Pitchounette tournament

Who has not dreamed of meeting future champions during his childhood?
Our seeds of Alsatian champions meet the Pro clubs older players.
unique event in this age category U9 U11.