The RHW Girls Alsace Cup will be played according to the rules of FIFA and Football Federations.

Age control:

This tournament is for Girls U17F.

Game format and Off-side

11v11, offside rule will apply from the half way line.

Game Time:

1 x 25 minutes.

(The game time can be modified according to extreme weather conditions).

Size of ball

Football 11: size 5

Preliminary rounds / Group games / Qualifying games

2 CUPS in one tournament

Girl’s Champions League – Girl’s Europa League


4 groups of 4 teams

Positions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place of each group


Girls Champions League: 2 groups of 4 for 1st and 2nd of each group

Girls Europa League: 2 groups of 4 for 3rd and 4th of each group

Two best teams of both groups play in respective finals to define Champions League and

Europa League champions.

Group matches

If two or more teams have the same number of points, the ranking will be decided as follows:

1) General goal difference

2) Number of goals scored

3) Result of match (s) between these teams

4) Difference of goals in the match (s) between these teams

5) Goals scored in the match (s) between these teams

6) Penalty shoot out (3) according to FIFA rules

Direct elimination game

A draw in a knockout match will be decided by penalty shoot-out (3) following the FIFA rules.


Substitutions can be made without stopping the game and without consulting the referee as follows: the player who will be replaced must leave the field before the substitute can enter from the bench area.

A replaced player has the right to re-enter the match.


All games will be played on natural grass pitches.

Player equipment

All players’ jerseys must be numbered and the numbers must match the numbers on the Player List. The numbers must be on the back of the jerseys. Two players can not use the same number during the same match. If the referee decides that one of the teams has to change jerseys because of a similarity with the jersey of the opposing team, it is the team that appears second in the program that must change.

Warnings and expulsions

Any player receiving a red card is automatically suspended for the next match. The tournament jury may decide to extend the suspension to other matches. Yellow cards do not accumulate from one match to another. Serious offences will be communicated to the federation concerned.

IMPORTANT: If a suspended player participates in a match, her team automatically loses 3-0.


Complaints must be submitted to the Tournament Official no later than 15 minutes after the end of the match. No protest against referees will be accepted.

Team behavior

Any team misbehaving during the competition (claims concerning referee decisions, clashes with opponents or organizers …) may be expelled from the tournament. Any serious case of expulsion will be reported to the federation concerned. Team leaders will be responsible for the attitude and behavior of their players towards referees, opposing players, the public, organizers and facilities.


Team trophies for Cup winners.

Best players in each position will be designated by the tournament jury.


All clubs are responsible for insurances of their players both on and off the field. It is the responsibility of the clubs to ensure that the players have their European Social Security card or private insurances with them.

The tournament will not assume any responsibility in case of theft, damage to property, injuries, decisions of public authorities or transport strikes.

The clubs are responsible for all their tournament participants insofar as they have registered them as physically fit declarants for the event. The tournament is not responsible for damage that participants may do to themselves or to other participants during the competition.